Content is effective if it accurately matches the place, time and the audience.

We have been following this idea for 10 years, developing
MediaBrain software product.

It began as a corporate television system, and today it independently generates content and manages media.
In brief
Here, now and on its own
or noway
The idea of MediaBrain came to us when we saw a static picture of corporate television transmitted as video stream from a server.

The technology completely excluded efficiency and relevance. And nobody was watching this television.

Today dictates a simple truth: not on time means late.
Keeping up with the trend means keeping up with the time.

The audiences change their preferences at every moment in time.
Groups change, move and mix.

MediaBrain in real-time sees the audience of each screen, selects and modifies the content to ensure relevance and watchability.
II for content distribution
Here and now
The content is of no use if it hasn't been seen.
MediaBrain captures each display of the content, monitors the operation of display devices, and keeps detailed statistics on the audience and equipment status.

MediaBrain does not depend on the advertiser or media owner. The product is completely cloudy, except in cases of isolated installation. Using MediaBrain is a guarantee of the maximum possible independent control of content delivery.